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About Me

Using embroidery, knitting, felting and other traditional handwork techniques, I create work that explores aspects of my identity as an autistic woman, while challenging the lines between ‘Art’ and ‘Craft’. ​

I am a regular exhibitor in traditional handcraft shows, and was 2018 Handcrafts Champion at the Royal Highland Show. My work was awarded the Edinburgh Knitting and Crochet Guild 1980-1994 Perpetual Challenge Trophy in 2017 and 2018 for innovation and creativity in knitting. I am passionate about the promotion of traditional skills as both cultural heritage and respected artistic practice. I have a BA in History and M.St. in Jewish Studies from Balliol College, Oxford and this background continues to inform my work. I have lived and worked in Edinburgh, Oxford, London and Jerusalem.

For artist talks and workshops, please email.

Instagram: @tzipporahfeiga


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