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Edinburgh SWAN Colouring Pages

I host the Edinburgh SWAN (Scottish Women's Autism Network) meet-ups every third Sunday of the month. If you are an autistic woman living in Edinburgh area or the surrounding area, and would like to attend but are not already on the mailing list, please get in touch via email:

I have created some free colouring sheets for women attending our meet-ups to use, if they wish. The subjects are based on requests from the SWAN facebook group. Non-members are also welcome to use them!

To download a colouring page: click on the image of the page you want. It will open as a pdf in a new window, where you can print it out or save it to your computer.

Misc Colouring Pages


Autistic & Awesome

image_6483441 (85).JPG

Lucky Charms

Celebrate ND.JPG

Celebrate ND

Animal Colouring Pages



Aye Aye.JPG

Aye Aye

Pets colouring page


cats and toys colouring page


Butterfly colouring page




Wren and vetch flower colouring page

Wren & Vetch

Doodle dog colouring page

Doodle Dog

Cat in the Garden colouring page

Garden Cat

Mandala Colouring Pages

mandala page

Mandala 1

mandala colouring page

Mandala 2

mandala colouring page

Mandala 3

mandala colouring page

Mandala 4

Mandala 5

Mandala 5

image_6483441 (79).JPG

Mandala 6

Food Colouring Pages

Pineapple colouring page

Doodle Pineapple

patisserie colouring page




Fruit Mandala.JPG

Fruit Mandala

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